China targets far side of the moon

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China reportedly is going to attempt landing on the far side of the moon later this year, a feat never attempted by any other spacefaring nation.

According to the Guardian, China will launch two missions known as Chang'e 4. The first will see a satellite stationed some 60,000km from the lunar body to act as a communications relay between Earth and the moon. The second mission will see China attempt to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon.

If successful, Chang'e 4 could see China become the first nation to ever to navigate to that area of the moon.

1. Overview of first part of Chang'e 4 mission
2. Depiction of satellite over far side of moon
3. Depiction of mission control
4. Depiction of lander touching down on far side of moon

VOICEOVER (in English):

The first part of China's Chang'e 4 lunar mission this year will see the PRC attempt to station a satellite some 60,000 km over the dark side of the moon.

Landing on the far side of the moon is difficult because it is not within view of Earth, so radio communication isn't possible.

The next part of the mission will see China use the satellite to navigate and land an unmanned spacecraft on the far side of the moon, something never attempted before.

SOURCES: The Guardian, IEEE Spectrum