Drunk driver plows into New Orleans Mardi Gras parade

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Some 28 people were hospitalized after a drunk driver plowed into a crowd of Mardi Gras parade spectators in New Orleans on Saturday night.

The incident took place when a massive crowd was celebrating the Endymion parade at the intersection of North Carrollton and Orleans Avenue at 6:42 p.m.

The suspect, identified as Neilson Rizzuto, 25, slammed his gray pickup truck into two vehicles before hitting parade spectators. The pickup truck eventually stopped when it crashed into a dump truck.

Rizzuto was apprehended at the scene. New Orleans police later said the suspect had a blood alcohol level nearly three times over the legal limit, Reuters reported.

1. People watching the parade
2. A pickup truck hitting two cars
3. The pickup truck hitting people
4. The pickup truck stops after hitting a dump truck

VOICEOVER (in English):

“The incident took place in Mid-City, New Orleans on Saturday night when a massive crowd was watching the Endymion parade.”

“25-year-old suspect Neilson Rizzuto slammed his gray pickup truck into two vehicles, before hitting parade spectators.”

“The pickup truck eventually stopped when it crashed into a dump truck.”

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