Five people dead, two injured after shooting rampage in Atlanta

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Police have identified the man responsible for killing four people in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday before taking his own life as 33-year-old Cedric G. Prather.

Prather died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting his ex-wife, another adult and two children Saturday afternoon in Douglasville, about 20 miles west of Atlanta, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said Sunday.

The sheriff's office identified the adults killed as 33-year-old Latoya A. Andrews Prather's ex-wife; and 33-year-old Joseph Terry Brown. A 7-year-old child died at the scene, while a 9-year-old later died at hospital, the sheriff's office said in a statement.

Two other children, an 8-year-old and a 15-year-old, were in critical but stable condition at a hospital, the statement said.

Neighbors said they called 911 and tried to help the victims as best they could before rescuers arrived.

One neighbor, Teresa Carter, 59, said she heard shots, and then one of the girls scream, before hearing four more shots.

Another local resident, Brandon Hallman, said he was a few houses down when the shooting started. "We just grabbed some towels and kind of went down there to try and help before the paramedics got here,” he said.

A press conference is scheduled for Monday, where officials plan to release more information about the shooting.

1. Suspect enters home and opens fire
2. Suspect chases young girl into street
3. Neighbor hears gunshots and screaming
4. Neighbor finds injured girl
5. Neighbors go into house to help
6. Depiction of suspect suffering self-inflicted gunshot wound

VOICEOVER (in English):
“A fatal domestic shooting that took place in Douglasville, Georgia on Saturday began when Cedric G. Prather was seen parking his car on the street and entering a house with six people inside, then opening fire.”

“Reports say Prather chased one of his daughters into the street.”

"One neighbor described hearing a shot from her living room, then hearing screaming, before she heard four more shots.”

“According to the neighbor, when she ran outside she saw the young girl had been shot in the mouth.”

“Other neighbors called 911 and tried to help the victims before rescuers arrived.”

“Prather was later found at the house with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and later died at hospital.”

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