Gunmen with Kalashnikovs open fire on police in Marseilles

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No one was immediately reported injured after hooded gunmen fired on police in the French city of Marseille on Monday morning. The shooting came ahead of a planned visit by Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

Police officers were responding to reports that up to 10 people had been shooting Kalashnikov assault rifles in the air. Upon their arrival at the La Castellane housing estate, the officers’ vehicle came under fire.

Authorities put some 7,000 residents in the area on lockdown and ordered them not to go outside. A creche was also evacuated as special forces went to investigate the housing estate, which is notorious for drug gangs and violence.

Officials later recovered seven Kalashnikovs and roughly 20 kilograms worth of drugs. Authorities say the shooting was likely gang and drug-related, rather than terrorism-related.

France has been on high alert following the recent terror attacks in Paris that have left 20 people dead, including the gunmen.

1. Gunmen firing Kalashnikovs into the air
2. Police fired on upon their arrival
3. Residents placed on lockdown
4. Creche evacuated
5. Police seize rifles and drugs

VOICEOVER (in English):

“French officers responded to reports that up to 10 people were shooting Kalashnikov assault rifles in the air on Monday in the La Castellane housing estate of Marseille.”

“Upon the officers’ arrival, their car came under fire.”

“Some 7,000 residents in the area were put on lockdown and ordered not to go outside.”

“Police also evacuated a creche as special forces went into the housing estate.”

“There, officials seized seven Kalashnikovs and around 20 kilograms of drugs.”

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