Iran destroys mock U.S. carrier in Persian Gulf war games

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard used a mock U.S. aircraft carrier in its live-fire defense drills for the first time Wednesday, destroying the replica carrier near the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

The drills, called the Great Prophet 9, began with speedboat maritime mine drills and the firing of four coast-to-sea missiles. State TV showed footage of missiles being fired at the mock carrier. The model was hit with cruise and ballistic missiles as well as rockets fired from speedboats, according to Iran’s Fars news agency.

The speedboats are armed with short-range cruise missiles, medium-range anti-ship missiles and large-calibre torpedoes, sea mines, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles.

Iran has conducted several war games to improve its defense capabilities and to test modern military tactics and equipment.