Man dies in lobby of Dallas County Jail

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A 48-year-old man died after authorities reported he ran screaming through the lobby of Dallas County Jail.

Eyewitnesses said that Joseph Hutchison parked his truck near Commerce Street and that he was clutching his chest when he exited the vehicle. He then rushed into the lobby screaming that his wife was going to kill him and was desperately seeking help.

However, police were unable to understand what he was saying and tried to calm him down. When Hutcheson reportedly became uncontrollable, the police pinned him on the floor. One eyewitness claimed that he was put under a knee on neck hold.

Paramedics were later called in when police reported that Hutcheson was unresponsive after they sat him down. He was brought to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Investigations, and an autopsy, are ongoing.

1. Hutcheson rushes inside Dallas Jail lobby screaming
2. Hutcheson would not calm down and aggravates cops
3. Cops hold Hutcheson down on the floor
4. Paramedics rush in to find Hutcheson unresponsive
5. Cops investigate Hutcheson’s truck and finds narcotics
6. An eyewitness tells reporters that the cops were too violent

VOICEOVER (in English):
At around 10 am, 48-year-old Joseph Hutcheson rushed inside the lobby of Dallas County Jail screaming that his wife was going to kill him.

The police asked Hutcheson to calm down, but he kept screaming telling everyone not to be afraid of him and that he needs help.

Unable to calm Hutcheson down, the police pinned him down on the floor. Witnesses said one of the cops did a knee on neck choke on Hutcheson.

Police called for an ambulance when Hutcheson complained of breathing problems after being sat down. At the hospital, he was pronounced dead at 11:31 am.

Policemen searched his truck parked nearby and found narcotics. Dallas County records show that Hutcheson was once arrested for possessing cocaine.

An eyewitness told reporters that the police used excessive force on Hutcheson, who was trying to tell them something while having difficulty breathing.

SOURCES: CBS Dallas + USA Today