Melbourne hostage-taker was an extremist with a long criminal history

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An Islamist extremist shot dead by Australian police after an armed stand-off had recently got out of jail and was involved in a state-run deradicalization program in the six months prior to the deadly attack.

Yacqub Khayre, 29, lured a sex worker to the Buckingham Serviced Apartment on Monday in order to hold her hostage, The Age reported.

He then shot and killed the serviced apartment's clerk as a trap to ambush officers. Khayre then called the national emergency number and Channel 7, claiming that he had a bomb and a hostage.

Khayre was shot dead by police following a stand-off.

Khayre was an Australian citizen who came to the country as a refugee, aged three. He was a drug and alcohol abuser with a long criminal history, the Age reported.

Police said he was referred to a program to counter Islamic extremism after he was let out of jail in December last year after serving four years for a violent home invasion.

He was reportedly radicalized in 2008. A year later, he travelled to Somalia to train with terrorist organisation al-Shabaab.

1. The suspect tying up a woman
2. The suspect kills a man in the foyer
3. The suspect hides outside the building and watches officers arrive
4. The suspect opens fire at officers; officers return fire; suspect is killed

VOICEOVER (in English):

“Twenty-nine-year-old Somalia-born Yacqub Khayre lured a sex worker to an apartment on Monday night in order to hold her hostage.”

“Khayre shot and killed the service apartment's clerk as a way to lure officers to the premises before he ambushed them. He called the national emergency number and a news agency, claiming that he had a bomb and a hostage.”

“The suspect hid outside the building and was watching officers when they arrived at the scene.”

“Khayre only broke his cover after a special operation group arrived. He immediately began shooting, with officers returning fire, killing him instantly.”

SOURCES: The Age, Herald Sun, BBC