Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boat crash

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Major League Baseball lost one of its most beloved players after a boat crash took the life of the Miami Marlins’ star pitcher Jose Fernandez on Sunday.

WPLG reports that in the early hours of September 25, Fernandez was on a boat with two friends. The three were cruising on full speed just off Miami Beach when their boat collided with a rocky jetty along the Government Cut harbor entrance. The impact caused the boat to flip over, and Fernandez and his friends did not survive the crash.

A Coast Guard patrolling the area later spotted the boat’s blinking lights above the rocks. Upon investigation, they found the crashed vessel around 3:30 a.m. and notified other authorities.

Rescuers recovered two bodies under the boat, and another in the water. All three did not have their life vests on.

Authorities believe Fernandez died from the crash impact, not from drowning. The two other men with him were identified to be Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Macias, according to the Miami Herald.

Based on the severity of the damage sustained by the vessel, authorities believe the boat’s speed was definitely a big factor in the accident, though it doesn’t appear as if illegal drugs or alcohol were involved.

Fernandez was born in Cuba, and defected to the U.S. as a teen. He was expecting his first child with girlfriend Carla Mendoza, and posted about it on his official Instagram account days before his death.

1. Jose Fernandez and two friends out on a boat
2. Boat crashes into a jetty and overturns
3. Coast Guard finds the crashed boat
4. Two bodies found underneath the boat, one body found in the water

VOICEOVER (in English):

“Miami Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez and two friends were out on a boat near Miami Beach early Sunday morning.”

“While going at full speed, their boat collided with a rocky jetty and overturned. ”

“A Coast Guard patrol found the crash site around 3:30 a.m., after officers saw the boat’s lights blinking above the rocks.”

“Fernandez and his companions died in the crash. Two of the bodies were found underneath the boat, while one was recovered in the water. All three did not have life vests on.”

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