New video shows Freddie Gray motionless as police shackle him

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A new cellphone video obtained by the Baltimore Sun shows Freddie Gray lying motionless as several police officers shackle his ankles and load him into the van.

The footage contradicts the driver’s claims that Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody last month, was “irate” and the search warrant’s explanation that he “continued to be combative in the police wagon.”

Michelle Gross, who knew Gray, told the Baltimore Sun she handed her cellphone to a neighbor during the stop. The neighbor recorded the incident at the corner of Mount and Baker Streets.

It was the first stop the driver made after officers arrested Gray at 8:39 a.m. Police pulled the van over several more times before arriving at the police station and finally requesting medical help for Gray at 9:24.

Baltimore police did release security footage from the Mount-Baker intersection but the camera did not capture the van.

The new video shows Gray lying completely still as several officers put shackles on his ankles. It then shows them loading him onto the van floor head first.

The video raises fresh questions about the officers’ handling of the incident and their motive for shackling him in the first place.

Freddie Gray died from his injuries on April 19, sparking nationwide protests.

Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn J. Mosby said the arrest was illegal. But a lawyer for one of the officers said they did nothing wrong, the Wall Street Journal reported.

1.Map showing all 6 stops Baltimore police made during transport
2.Focus on stop 2, mark on map turning into white van
3.White van pulling over on street, security camera lense pointing just behind van
4.Man filming police shackling Freddie Gray’s ankles
5.Freddie Gray lying motionless as police shackle him, highlight of his spine
6.Police putting Freddie Gray into van, head-first

VOICEOVER (in English):

"The officers transporting Freddie Gray made multiple stops between the arrest at 8:39, and when they finally called for medical help at 9:24.
Cellphone footage obtained by the Baltimore Sun reveals new details on a key stop. Baltimore police did release security footage from that location but the camera missed the van."

"Officers say they shackled Freddie’s ankles at that stop because he was irate. But the new video shows him lying completely still -- potentially from the spinal injury that later killed him."

"Officers loaded him into the truck head first and failed to buckle his seatbelt."

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