Prominent Hong Kong pro-democracy figures assaulted in targeted attacks

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Multiple pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have been assaulted or attacked for openly standing up against China, in what critics have dubbed as "White Terror."

1. Stanley Ho beaten
2. Jimmy Sham attacked
3. Isaac Cheng attacked
4. Jocelyn Chau punched in the head
5. Jannelle Leung hit in the head
6. Roy Kwong punched and kicked by masked men
7. Davin Wong assaulted by a masked man

VOICEOVER (in English):
"Multiple pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have been assaulted or attacked for openly standing up against China, in what critics have dubbed as 'White Terror.'"

"In September, Stanley Ho, a member of Hong Kong's Labor Party and a candidate in the upcoming local elections, was beaten by four unknown attackers with metal rods and sticks near a park in Sai Kung."

"According to Hong Kong Free Press and AFP, his attackers fractured both of his hands and gave him a head wound."

"Civil Human Rights Front leader Jimmy Sham was attacked by at least four men with hammers while he was on his way to a meeting earlier this month. Officials found Sham lying on the street and bleeding from his arms and head."

"Isaac Cheng, vice president of Hong Kong's pro-democracy Demosisto party, was beaten by assailants on his way home at night in September."

"In a Facebook post, the Demosisto party explained that the 19-year-old was attacked from behind by three men who punched him in the eyes. His glasses flew off his face as a result and Cheng was taken to the hospital for his injuries by party members."

"Hong Kong Free Press reports Jocelyn Chau was at her booth campaigning when a middle-aged man went up to Chau and tore up her election leaflet."

"The man punched Chau in the head twice when she asked him to stop littering. The 23-year-old was taken to a hospital after feeling nauseous and dizzy."

"Jannelle Leung was attacked by a man who hit her in the back of her head with an unknown object as she was waiting to cross the road."

"Hong Kong Democratic Party Lawmaker Roy Kwong was punched and kicked by three masked assailants as he tried to get into his car in late September."

"The Hong Kong Free Press reports the masked assailants targeted Kwong's neck, the back of his head and his torso while Kwong was seen in a video lying on the ground, protecting his head and arms. Kwong called for an ambulance after the attackers ran away."

"Davin Wong, former student union leader of University of Hong Kong, was assaulted by a masked man wearing a white shirt as he waited for the bus at the end of August."

"Wong told DW News that the masked man used a cane to hit him on his neck and left shoulder. He said he believed the attack was planned."
SOURCES: AFP, Hong Kong Free Press, Facebook, DW