Radiation shield vest protects astronauts from solar storms in deep space

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A vest developed by an Israeli company to protect astronauts from solar radiation in deep space is set for trials on a lunar mission.

The AstroRad Radiation Shield, developed by Tel Aviv-based StemRad, is a vest made of layers of non-metallic protective materials. It will be tailor-made for each astronaut to protect vital human tissue, particularly the stem cells. The vest is said to be able to protect the astronauts from solar stores or flares.

“Based on our simulations, we're sure it works but to be 100 percent sure, we're sending it up on EM-1 [NASA’s Exploration Mission-1]," Stemrad's chief technologist, Gideon Waterman told Reuters.

According to ABC News, the vest will be tested on the Orion spacecraft during its lunar flyby mission scheduled for late 2018. The destinations of the Orion spacecraft include near-Earth asteroids, the Moon, the moons of Mars and Mars itself.

1. The vest is made of layers of protective materials
2. The vest protects vital human tissues and stem cells
3. Orion spacecraft at medium earth orbit
4. Astronauts protected by the vest amid solar storm

VOICEOVER (in English):

“The AstroRad Radiation Shield is a vest made of layers of non-metallic protective materials.”

“It is tailor-made to each astronaut, to protect the wearer’s vital human tissues, particularly the stem cells.”

“The vest will be tested on the Orion spacecraft, which is scheduled to fly beyond the protective shield of Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field. The astronauts on this mission will be exposed to space radiation.”

“The vest is designed to protect the astronauts from solar storms and flares.”

SOURCES: ABC, Times of Israel, Reuters, StemRad, NASA