Research vessel to drill Earth’s mantle

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A team of international researchers are aiming to drill into the Earth’s mantle for the first time ever.

Using a Japanese drill boat, they hope to drill through into ocean floor — where the Earth’s crust is thinner — and begin excavation by the early 2020s, the Japan News reported.

The researchers want to investigate the mantle itself and if micro-organisms exist within it. They need to identify an apt drilling site and find $542 million in funding for the research to proceed, Engadget reports.

1. Layers of the Earth
2. Differences between crust in the ocean and elsewhere
3. Chikyu sailing
4. Chikyu drilling

VOICEOVER (in English):
“The Earth’s mantle is found deep beneath the planet’s crust …”

“… and is much thinner at the ocean floor than on land.”

“It’s with this in mind that scientists plan to use the Chikyu drill boat to bore into the mantle by 2030.”

“After sinking 4 kilometers to the ocean floor, the boat would drill through 6 kilometers of crust before reaching the mantle.”

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