San José shooter held big grudges

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The suicidal murderer's ex-wife told reporters that he had a bad temper and would rail about being treated unfairly at work.

1. Zoom view of shooter Cassidy pulling out 2 handguns and shooting w one, map zoom
2. Workers in maintenance yard milling together, change of shift, shooter walks in
3. Shooter pulls out 2 handguns and starts shooting, officers running toward gate of facility
4. Different police running to different part of scene, then different scene, same concept
5. Faraway view of maintenance yard, officers running in from side, fire at shooter's home
6. Continue fire scene, then shooter shouting angrily in his kitchen, wife present, shooter ends shouting by throwing glass against wall

VOICEOVER (in English):
The shooting began just after 6:30 A.M. on the morning of Wednesday 26 May in the city of San Jose in California.

At that time, several 911 calls reported shots being fired near a maintenance yard of the Valley Transit Authority.

Members of a union representing VTA workers were meeting in the yard when the shooting began, and some reports suggest that the shooting started at the meeting.

The attacker was identified as 57-year-old Sam Cassidy. Most of the shooting happened in the maintenance yard of the facility.

Police rushed to the scene and confronted the shooter within minutes of the start of the incident.

Officers say the shooter had more than one gun and was shooting single shots when they approached him.

When the shooter saw the police, he shot himself immediately, leaving nine victims dead and many injured.

A fire started at a house that authorities believe to be Cassidy's home, at around the same time as the shooting started.

Cassidy's ex-wife told The Associated Press that he had a bad temper and would rail about being treated unfairly at work.

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