School children witness brutal assassination of Dutch criminal

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Dutch police were searching Tuesday for a gunman who shot and killed a 43-year-old man near a school in Zaandam, in the province of North Holland.

Local news stations reported Lucas Boom got out of his car on P.A. van Meverstraat around noon while school children were playing outside on their lunch break. Photos of the scene show Boom’s black car parked in front of the school with its driver door still open.

Boom apparently ran as gunmen fired at him from a brown minivan. He turned onto Kruijverstraat Street, making it about 50 meters before collapsing, RTV NH reporter Sam Hagens said.

A photo of one of the shooters received widespread attention on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. In the photo, a man dressed in all black points a rifle at Boom’s body on Kruijverstraat Street. That shooter and his accomplices fled in the minivan before law enforcement arrived, Dutch news organization NOS reported.

Boom was reportedly booked in Antwerp last year for smuggling cocaine, but was in the process of appealing the case, according to a New York Daily News article that cited Het Parool. The 43-year-old also reportedly had ties to Willem Holleeder, a notorious criminal who pulled off the ransomed kidnapping of the CEO of an Amsterdam-based brewing company in 1980.

1. Lucas Boom getting out of his car as school children watch
2. Boom running away from gunmen firing AK47s from a van
3. Map of streets showing how far Boom ran before dying
4. Shooter following Boom on foot, firing until Boom drops over
5. Van fleeing the scene as school children watch
6. Police arriving at crime scene, Boom turning red to indicate death

VOICEOVER (in English):
Dutch police report a criminal named Lucas Boom got out of his car on a street in Zaandam in front of a school

And ran as gunmen shot at him from a minivan. Neighbors say they heard up to 15 shots fired.

Boom turned a corner and made it about 50 meters, according to Dutch news reports.

But a gunman dressed in all black followed him on foot, firing more shots until Boom collapsed.

The shooter and his accomplices fled in a brown minivan, which police are now trying to track down.

When law enforcement officials arrived at the scene, they found Boom deceased in the street.

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