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Russian spacecraft shadowing U.S. spy satellite: U.S. Space Force commander


For story suggestions or custom animation requests contact tips nextanimation com tw Visit http archive nextanimationstudio com to view News Direct's complete archive of D news animations RESTRICTIONS Broadcast NO USE JAPAN NO USE TAIWAN Digital NO USE JAPAN NO...

How an automated Russian spacecraft delivers supplies to the ISS


Contact inquiries nextanimation com to license this or any News Direct video For story suggestions please contact tips nextanimation com tw RESTRICTIONS NONE An automated Russian supply spacecraft was successfully launched into near-Earth orbit mid-June it s mission re-supply the...

Supply ship spinning out of control in space


RESTRICTIONS NONE For story suggestions please contact tips nma com tw Video footage from a Russian resupply cargo ship showed the spacecraft spinning uncontrollably in its orbit on Tuesday Russia successfully launched a Soyuz- - a rocket from Kazakhstan at...

ESA set to test reusable spaceship on Wednesday


RESTRICTIONS NONE For story suggestions please contact tips nma com tw The European Space Agency s Vega rocket which contains the agency s Intermediate Experimental Vehicle or IXV is poised for liftoff this Wednesday The aircraft will launch from Kourou...

Europe launches Sentinel-1A satellite to monitor climate change


The first in EU s series of earth-monitoring satellites launched aboard a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana on Thursday evening the European Space Agency said Sentinel- A is launched to a height of km above earth where it orbit around...
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