Suicide bomber kills at least 20 at Shiite mosque in Saudi Arabia

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A suicide bomber at a Shiite mosque in Qatif province, Saudi Arabia, killed as many as 20 people during morning prayers on Friday.

There were as many as 150 people praying inside the mosque at the time of the explosion. Reports indicated the suicide bomber wore an explosives belt underneath his clothes.

The attack occurred in Qudeih in Qatif province.

1. Shows men praying in mosque
2. Shows terrorist wearing suicide belt underneath clothes
3. Shows detonation inside mosque
4. Shows survivors and responders helping victims
5. Location of where the bombing took place

VOICEOVER (in English):

“Officials say the bomber wore a suicide belt underneath his clothes.”

“The blast killed as many as 20 people. There are fears the death toll could climb higher.”

“The dead were covered with sheets while as many as 100 injured were taken to hospital.”

“The bombing took place in Qatif province.”