U.S. Army is retooling to fight in the Indo-Pacific Region

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Army will deploy two task forces with the ability to fight across the information, electronic, cyber and missile domains in the Pacific to counter China.

Reuters reports that Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said at a Brookings Institute event on Friday that the multi-domain task forces will be established in two years.

Although McCarthy did not specify any locations, Bloomberg News speculates that those units will likely be based on islands east of Taiwan and the Philippines.

Citing McCarthy, Reuters reports the U.S. Army intends to "neutralize all the investments China and Russia have made."

China's military strategy calls for blocking U.S. naval forces from entering the Pacific through the first and second island chains.

The People's Liberation Army intends to achieve this by utilizing surveillance satellites and building up its arsenal of anti-ship ballistic missiles.

The task forces would potentially be armed with hypersonic missiles and other weapons capable of attacking land and sea based targets.

Reuters reports that these units will help neutralize the capabilities China and Russia now possess.